Coding togetheR

Materials for Coding togetheR. A series of collaborative workshops to teach foundational R coding and data science skills at the University of Southampton 2019-2020.

Creating and using a colour palette and colour gradients for plotting

A tutorial is to demonstrate one way to create a colour palette and corresponding gradients in R

British Society for Proteomics 2018 Data Science Workshop

Materials for proteomics data science workshop including introduction to R, Volcano plots, heatmaps and peptide logos

Machine Learning for MHC I peptide classification

A toy model that attempts to classify peptides from my some of my experiments according to one of five MHC class I allotypes present in the cells I use.

MHC dynamics dashboard

A dashboard to display the results of the MHC I HDX project

R heatmap tutorial using d3heatmap

A short tutorial for producing heatmaps in R using some sample data.

Biochem Calculator

A Shiny app I made for calculating the amount to weigh out or dilute for making solutions